28 Nov 2018

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Purpose statement Strengthening people and organizations by

28 Nov 2018

Purpose statement

Strengthening people and organizations by enabling them to (re)discover and fully exploit the beauty of their potential.

Starting points

  • Awareness and insight into yourself and the systems around you is a prerequisite for transformation
  • Sharing is Growing”. All we do is co-creation. Through experience and in exchange, you learn and develop faster
  • Congruent leadership creates the clarity and security needed to fully demonstrate and utilize potential
  • You own your choices. You are in charge. You can do and are more than you think

Core values

  • Connection: people are the key
  • Impact: we want to achieve profound effect, we achieve that together
  • Integrity: say what you see, say what you do and do what you say
  • Compassion and carefulness: everyone is different and that requires personal attention
  • Courage: with depth in the undercurrent we create the real results. Stating ‘what is really there’ has a liberating effect
  • Pleasure: depth and light-heartedness complement each other


Committed to the individual, connected to the system

Often, we think that we need a change of environment, while in reality it is about our inner change. Without inner change there is no lasting result … and all these truths have been around for centuries. Growth of the individual can only arise with due regard for the environment in which they must be effective. The deeper we dive, the more widely applicable the insights are.
Therefore, the leadership and coaching programs are built from a mix of ancient insights combined with the latest scientific discoveries in organizational development, psychology, neuroscience and organizational behavioural sciences.

The collective

Every individual has grown up with and is connected to systems. Family, school, culture, religion, friends, sports, teams and organizations are all systems. We are still influenced by these systems to this day. By gaining insight into the dynamics that play a role in the systems in which we move into and where we emerge from, we can become more effective in our leadership.

The individual

Every individual has visible and hidden talents. Every individual has their own range of patterns that strengthens and limits them.

Interaction creates result

By seeing both the individual with all their (visible and hidden) potential as well as the system (with all its reinforcing and entangling dynamics) around it, the possibility and magic of transformation – with tangible results – arises. Results such as trust, greater connection, improved performance, team alignment and personal fulfilment will emerge.


Business is conducted in a context of increasing complexity. Leadership in this complex environment requires leadership presence, to be able to continue to see what is actually going on and to respond to it. Connection is the core ingredient of leadership presence. It concerns the presence of the individual, of the team, of the entire organization. Connection with oneself in the form of (self-) consciousness and connection with each other in the form of (social) consciousness are the basis of leadership presence.


This is why we have chosen to build all programs from the inside-out. Inside-out creates self-awareness and helps to change restrictive mindsets. We work on internal entanglements that keep us trapped, provide insight into blind spots and we use our vulnerability as an opportunity to utilize more of ourselves. We assume that all qualities are already there at this level, both visible and hidden. If we regain access to it, we can achieve new goals.

5% of German workers are not engaged in their work. Defined as essentially sleep walking throughout their day. This actively disengaged group costs the German economy 73 billion to 95 billion euros annually in lost productivity, according to Gallup estimates. (Gallup, 2015)

(Gallup, 2013)

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