28 Nov 2018

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My work And you? When do you

28 Nov 2018

My work

Executive coaching

You have to know yourself to go beyond yourself.

Being at the top presents many personal challenges. Splendid isolation and the lack of honest feedback are just two examples. You have little time to do something for yourself because everyone demands your attention. Therefore, reflection is one of the most important leadership tools for you. As a leader who wants to make a real difference, to improve  your leadership results and the desire to experience more fulfilment in your life, Executive Coaching support is essential. To make this work successfully you need to take time, because you will require that honest mirror and reflection.

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Leadership Presence

The quality of the intervention depends on the inner quality of the intervenor.
Bill O’Brien

CEO’s must have it. Managers must develop it. High Potentials strive for it. Real change agents and leaders have it. Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Eva Peron and Steve Jobs all had it. Aung San Suu Kyi, Richard Branson and The Elders … they have it. We are talking about the x-factor in business and politics that creates the difference between an average and a great leader.
Leadership Presence seems to be difficult to label. You know it when you see or experience it. We stop, turn around, we put away our smartphone and we listen to what this person has to say – intently, with admiration, in awe. What is it that these people radiate that makes us react differently and lets us describe them as inspiring, powerful, confident, fascinating and engaging?

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Culture and team development

Common purpose, shared experiences helps a team come together.

Culture and team development seem more difficult than it really is. The change itself is not that difficult, however, the transition that this change requires of people is a different and challenging process. It’s about the approach, the dedication to the individual, the connection with the system and the discipline with which it is implemented.
Do you have enough motivation, commitment and perseverance to really push this through?
How you organize and guide a successful process, preferably by the people from your own organization, is the powerful experience offered here.

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Deepening for professionals

Sharing is Growing

Sharing experiences and giving others the opportunity to use what is learned from these experiences is vital to you and your organization. I believe in “sharing is growing” and when you give, you will always receive back. That is the motivation to distribute all knowledge, experience and skills with others that can benefit from it. The development events and trainings that I organize, together with other well established, deeply trained and highly experienced colleagues, are primarily focused on professional deepening. An important part of this development is an open attitude to personal deepening, as you cannot share what you do not have within you.

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And you? When do you start the long journey inside?


Executive coaching

As an executive and senior manager, you did not end up at that position by chance. Your rational and cognitive abilities are more than fine. The real growth therefore lies in tapping into the rest of your potential. You will not get this from a book or seminar, this comes from within. It is within your heart, your core. More courage, more creativity, more clarity and more empathy to inspire others, as well as yourself, once again. This is exactly the part of you that your people are asking for, where millennials draw from and where your growth is enbedded. Effective executive coaching is therefore an inside-out process that takes place at multiple levels, the conscious, the unconscious and the systemic layer.

I could share with you a lot about what a good coach does, however, look at the references and you will know whether we could work together.

Success and fulfillment

It is about increasing your radius of perception both vertically and horizontally, to effectively tackle your challenges from a new perspective. In short, more success and more fulfilment will inspire your environment once again.


Pay off

More self-awareness ensures more self-correction, freedom of choice and guts. It deepens the level of trust and the ability to connect. As a result, you experience more relaxation under pressure, which in turn allows your people to relax and stay in motion. It enables you to have honest and open conversations, to build reciprocal relationships, to make better, inspiring decisions and thereby achieve goals more easily.

Reflection is the key to executive success.
..and with whom can you speak honestly and openly about it?

Self management, inside-out

Transformation requires focus on visible and invisible structures. By means of an inside-out process you look at all these structures and create more self-awareness. Defining your strengths, values, desires, downsides, fears and motivations opens the door to unlock additional potential. It means that you will get to know yourself deeply. So that you can develop, from your full potential, the strength and courage to realize what previously seemed impossible, both in your professional and private life.

Paul Zonneveld

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