28 Nov 2018

Paul Zonneveld EN

Some observations from Paul’s clients: keen observation

28 Nov 2018

Paul Zonneveld

Paul Zonneveld (1961) is an internationally experienced leadership consultant. As an executive coach, trainer and supervisor, he guides leaders, professionals and organizations in growth, change and transformation processes. He uses his multidisciplinary background to challenge his clients and inspire them to evolve to the next, higher level. He is devoted to the strength of the individual and to the transformation of the collective. By creating the transformation and growth from within, Paul uses all the present (often undiscovered) potential of the client. He leads them to a deeper understanding, trust and alignment with their goals. An increased pleasure in cooperation, greater professional performance and personal fulfilment are the result. Together with the client he creates new possibilities to combine their logic, compassion and intuition with professional use for better results.


With professional roots in physiotherapy, sales, business development and European senior management positions, he brings broad business experience to the table. Paul combines his passion for personal, professional and organizational development, timeless wisdom, applied psychology and the latest scientific discoveries to achieve insights and transformations on many levels.


Paul’s clients come from various sectors and have several aspirations in common.
They want:

  • to make a difference
  • to unlock their inner power and send out
    a powerful presence to their environment
  • to be a positive change agent in their industry
    and private life

Their open-minded attitude, commitment and drive to look deeper and view things differently are ingredients of joint success and personal fulfilment.

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Core values

Connection, impact, integrity, courage and compassion

Top 5 strengths

  • Connectedness
  • Achiever
  • Positivity
  • Strategic
  • Learner

bron Strengthsfinder® by Gallup

Some observations from Paul’s clients:

keen observation skills


determined and pleasant

knows how to deal with underlying issues in a light-hearted way

well-thought-out approach … increased business performance

easy-going person

enormous acceleration

Paul is connected to a large learning network of inspiring (international) colleagues via a.o.
Mobius Executive Leadership and Center for Creative Leadership.
Paul is married, has two children and lives in Amsterdam.


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