Nepal Journey

Leaders as Healers

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Leaders as Healers

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This journey is unlike any you may have done before. We are combining the amazing vibration and power of the Himalaya’s with ancient wisdom that arose from this place, together with the wisdom of indigeneity and the Maori of New Zealand that have an ancestral connection with Tibet and these mountains plus the tools and insights and practices of the western world.

We walk on the inside, we walk on the outside, we find areas of ourselves that have stayed hidden and we walk the trails in Nepal to connect to the deep nature that brings out our deep nature. We are all indigenous to this planet, come and rediscover the amazing nourishment that having a felt sense of this, reclaiming our birth right of connection with this living planet and what power and insight that allows to arise and arrive in us.

Walk, feel, breath, smell and be with the nature and nurture of the land and spirituality of three continents in the mountains of the Himalaya’s This journey is not for those who have not journeyed into the self before; it is for practitioners and senior leaders who need a blast of soul retrieval and connection to the deep resources within and without.

Leaders in our time are healers, come explore this archetype in you. You wouldn’t be called to leadership in this time if this is not part of you. Understanding, linking and grounding this archetype into our being leads to a potent life.

So give yourself the gift of decompression from the frantic world, resourcing up, restoring your connection with your deepest being, updating your cellular structure and realising you are never alone in this life of leadership and service.

About The Programme

Walking the earth learning the ancient art of earthing ourselves, earth breathing and earth digesting, rewilding ourselves a little

Stillness feeling into our abundant presence so we can enjoy the quirkiness and delight of self and how universal energy wants to show up through us, re-communion and contemplation of our wholeness with everything.

Connection removing the veils to connection that keep us lonely and tired, listening to the field through systemic work, and systemic ritual.

The mystical raising your vibration, updating to your next level of consciousness

Play and joy recovering our playful nature and the delight of freeing the ‘mauri’ or life energy within us, that is inherently playful. Learn the art of rivering.

About The People

Louise Marra

Louise Marra is a seasoned leader of inner and outer journeys.

She created these inspiring journeys some years back in collaboration with Wandering the World and has run them on the sacred trail of the Spanish Caminos, and the sacred trails in New Zealand and Japan.

She is part of the Maori tribe of New Zealand and has worked in top level roles in Strategy and innovation, working directly advising the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

She also dived into the depths of the inner self, training in Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology and bringing all this with her shamanistic background and sensitivity into a life that brings depth work and innovation together to create new worlds from new depths.

Louise created the ‘Leaders are Healers’ journey through an inspiration given by grace and is now working with organisations to embed this into their cultures and processes.

She has two companies she owns and she works with leaders from all over the world on transformation as well as deeply within New Zealand across all sectors – private, public, philanthropic and Non profit.

You can see her companies here: and

Paul Zonneveld

Paul Zonneveld is an internationally seasoned executive leadership consultant.

He uses his multidisciplinary background to challenge his clients and inspire them to evolve to the next, higher level from within themselves.

He is devoted to the strength of the individual and to the transformation of the collective. By creating the transformation and growth from within, Paul invites all the often partly undiscovered potential of his client to become present.

He leads them to a deeper understanding, trust and alignment with their higher purpose. An increased joy in cooperation, greater professional performance and intense personal fulfilment are the results. With professional roots in physiotherapy, and senior management positions, he brings broad business and healing experience to the table.

Paul brings his passion for growth and development, and a mix of the deeper dynamics in family and organisational systems, several timeless wisdom traditions, applied psychology, mystical principles and the latest neuroscientific discoveries.

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About the Practicalities

When & Where will it happen?

3-11 September 2020 | We start in Kathmandu and make our way to three different retreat centres close to the Mountains.
Link to the full itinerary and lodges coming soon.

What will happen?

We will do three days of walking – none of it is too arduous but a good walk – around 4 hours to really feel into and wander the earth to our next accommodation. We also have four days of stillness, connecting, rituals, and practices.

How much will is cost?

Price: $4250 euro
Earlybird price: $3900 euro
NB: must register by January 15, 2020

Register your Interest

Please have a pre-conversation with us

So please see this as your invitation to consider this journey and register your interest with Paul or Louise.

We will be running pre conversations with everyone interested so as we create a community that can work to a similar level and let the journey start from that moment onwards so as we can all connect and renew deeply.

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