“In the autumn of


“In the autumn of 2015, I started the training Systemic Coaching with Paul. In general, I knew what it was and yet I had never ‘seen’ it. After 2 days of framing and basic exercises for warming up, the real work came in the next block of 2 days: exercises where we coach each other on certain themes (linked to our own history) and which were very practically applicable for me as a coach with my coachees. Some of these exercises go very deep and reveal certain patterns. The next block of 2 days was more about constellations in an organization or company, and the completion block was able to cover all of our questions or further discussion about previous exercises.
To me, Paul is a textbook example of a non-judgmental trainer, a coach who guides with real equality. With tranquillity and intuition, he guides the coaching process seemingly effortlessly, always checking with the coachee whether everything is still ok. Personally, the systemic coaching training was one of the best courses I have followed in recent years. If there is a sequel, I sincerely hope that I can be there again!”

-Alies Quaegebeur, Coaching Square, Belgium

the coaching square


“Working with Paul is working on 3 levels:

  • at the level of consciousness: value for money
  • at the level of the unconsciousness: clarification, more space, oxygen
  • at the level of your soul: bowing to life and to what systemic work brings you

and you decide how deep you want to dive into it …. Wonderful!”

-Inge Huygen, Senior Coach Liv’it nv, België, PCC
liv it


“Systemic Intelligence coaching with Paul and Martin Breed is an extraordinary experience. It is safe, challenging, exciting and profound. Your view on coaching, people and the rest of the world will probably change forever. Moreover, everything is based on practical exercises with yourself as a participant and the rest of your group as partners. Highly recommended”
-Thomas Lewinsky (consultant)


“I have learned to feel in the moment, experience what is going on and to accept things for what they are
I have restored the connection in and with myself … ..
I have reconnected with my self-confidence and dare more …”

-Jos Essers (manager)


“The Systemic Intelligence coaching training has given me a new perspective on reality to dare (and be able to) act from systemic observation. In addition, a variety of training forms, interventions and working methods were also offered to get started in the organization. In a creative and playful way, Martin and Paul lead you through the systemic world. Extremely knowledgeable, both theoretical and experienced in practice. A very valuable training that will benefit me throughout my life.”
-Ward Loggen (manager P & O)


“Now that I’ve experienced systemic coaching, it’s clear to me: the system always plays a role – whether it’s an organizational system or a family system. It has an unmistakable influence on everything we do, think and feel. The ‘Systemic Coaching’ course is a wonderful way to get acquainted with the most important building blocks of this unique and authentic way of coaching. Interesting, perception-enhancing and focused on your daily practice as a coach. An absolute must, and I am already looking forward to the follow-up training.”
-Natacha Ciezkowski, ACC Certified Coach.


“In the training ‘Systemic Intelligence coaching’ you experience what it is and you get practical tools that you can apply immediately. You get to the essence much faster with your coachee and the awareness also exists on a deeper level. Paul gives this training with passion and puts complex concepts together in a very simple way. Highly recommended for every coach!”
-Marijke van Moldergem (Coaching Square, Belgium)

the coaching square



“Paul Zonneveld is a seasoned coach/trainer, who has taken up the management of the Hartstichting several times already. Paul spends a lot of time preparing to understand the specific motives and wishes of managing board and management. He really wants to understand what the client wants to get out of training. During the training, Paul knows how to combine his knowledge and experience with a keen ability to observe and constructively holds up a mirror to participants. The lessons learned during the training are instructive, practically applicable and often fun to take back to the organization. Paul takes his role seriously, is helpful yet determined and moreover, a pleasant person to work with.”
-Floris Italianer, Directeur

“In recent years I have worked with Paul several times with the aim of further professionalising my management teams. Thanks to his peace, experience and empathy, the collaboration and the results are always very good. Paul does not complete a standard program, but compiles a customized program based on needs. This certainly also contributes to the acceptance of this type processes within management teams. In addition, I use personal coaching by Paul, both for myself and for my team members. This guidance is also characterized by customization and attention to people. And, last but not least, Paul is just a pleasant person to work with.”
-Robbert Schneider, Bedrijfshoofd ITC Finance & Risk

“Paul has helped the MT and the management layer below to create a new culture. He has guided us in several management days. Paul’s strength is that he feels exactly where the pain points and areas for improvement lie, what we can do about them and to bring these issues to our attention in a pleasant way. During training days, he knows how to subtly steer this process and make adjustments without you having the feeling that he is running a program. He works with what is available and adjusts the program mid-process if necessary. Afterwards, team members feel having it done all by themselves. This has helped us to take specific steps and create a new spirit in our management layer, which we know how to hold for a long time. Paul clearly understands organizational problems and the dynamics that play a role. His strength is that he can tackle underlying issues in a light-hearted way, so that processes and relationships can flow again and teams can achieve better performance.”
-Laurence van Gelderen, manager HRM


“Paul Zonneveld is a committed professional and a straightforward organization coach. He quickly identifies the so-called ‘elephant in the room’. He empathises with the organization, thinks along and comes up with practical, applicable solutions. Paul has both feet on the ground and is honest and sincere.”
-Gwendolyn van Tunen (Director of Compliance & Conduct)


“This week we had the third block of our Systemic Coaching training with Paul Zonneveld at Training & Training & Coaching Square bvba/sprl. It’s great how you can analyse conflicts and misunderstandings within companies and, more importantly, get them clear very quickly and efficiently! This training for advanced coaches is highly recommended, and I am already applying this week’s insights!”
-Eva Buyck (Business Career Coach)


“I know Paul as a seasoned coach with a lot of experience with different people and techniques. I came in with a work-related request for help and Paul immediately knew to extend this to a personal level so that the whole picture came into view. After the intake I could get started immediately! To me, the techniques were a good mix between soft and specific skills and the coaching really made a difference in how I now look at things. I appreciate Paul for his experience, his authenticity and his personal involvement!”
-Lianne Keizer (PA)

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